I chose Pearls Orthodontics because a family member mentioned their work with braces and was very impressed.

I found the whole procedure amazing and was and am delighted with every step of the way. I thought the whole experience was pleasant and very successful. Overall my experience with Pearls Dental and Dr. Ronan Perry was amazing. They were kind and gentle and helped through every step.

As a teenager, I was very conscience of my smile and to be able to smile and know my teeth are straight and white leaves me with great confidence.

I thank Pearls Dental and Dr. Ronan Perry for everything you’ve done to help me smile again.

Rebekah McCann, May 2017

Pearls is local and convenient. Everything was explained clearly as the beginning and at the regular check-ups we were kept up to date.

I would highly recommend Pearls and the staff are very efficient and friendly.

Megan McCann, May 2017


From my first consultation, Natalia and the Pearls Dental team were a pleasure to deal with.

Because of their care, professionalism and attention to detail I now have a great smile that I can be proud of- something I never thought would happen.

Thank you Pearls Dental team!!!

Peter Roddy (Invisalign), April 2017

I study in Maynooth and when I decided I would like to look into getting some orthodontic treatment I looked up online for orthodontics in the area and decided to book an initial appointment with Pearls in Maynooth.

I found this clinic really professional and friendly since the moment I went in. I had all the x-rays and impressions taken the first day and was given the plan and was told I could start treatment, if I so wished, the following day. I found this process very helpful as they put me at ease. It was very clean from the moment I met with Dr. Perry and his team just how professional and understanding they all are. This helped me a lot as it was about 12 years since I had seen a dentist.

I had a big problem at the front of my mouth as there were 3 teeth in the place where the two front teeth should have been. This made me very very self-conscience and I didn’t like to smile or laugh so it wasn’t good for my self-esteem and personal happiness. When Dr. Perry told me that it would take 2 years and that I would have a nice smile at the end of that time I was shocked. I assumed I wouldn’t ever have a nice smile and was only looking for an improvement on my current situation. I also needed a lot of other work and because the team were both kind and extremely good at their job, it was very soon any fears I had left about going to the dentist were gone. I’m now finished my treatment and Dr. Perry was right, I do have a smile I am very happy about. I would and already have recommended friends to Pearls Dental Clinic, Maynooth and I am 100% positive they too will be very impressed with the results and the staff.

Aidan, February 2017

A friend of a friend recommended Dr Perry and his team. I was dreading it at first but glad I made it. I found the treatment was of a high standard and quality without sounding bias! It was a very comfortable experience, I felt very welcome at all times and all the staff were lovely. It was a fantastic end result and I’m thoroughly delighted about it so yeah I would recommend it to anyone I know.

Ciaran,  December 2016

I chose Dr Perry and his team for my treatment based on the excellent reviews found on-line.The initial consultation was comprehensive and all the information needed was provided. Throughout my treatment all the clinic staff were very professional.  I am delighted with the end result, in just six months (in my case) I now have a “Hollywood” smile. : )

Mélissa,  December 2016

We had heard great feedback from other people about Dr Perry and his team. The initial consultation was great and the quality of treatment was excellent. Everyone that dealt with me was very pleasant and polite. I felt overwhelmed and so happy with the end result and yes I would be very happy to recommend them to my family and friends.

Claudia, Age 13, December 2016

Overall my experience with Dr Perry and his team was very positive. The treatment I received was of a high standard and I would definitely recommend this clinic to other people. Over the course of two years I have never had any problems and all the staff members I was in contact with were a delight to talk to. My teeth are exactly how I wanted them to be and I couldn’t be any happier.

Karen, Age 18, December 2016

Great quality of treatment. Friendly and professional staff. Would highly recommend Dr Perry and his team. Thanks for everything!

Artur, November 2016

I chose Pearls Orthodontics as it was highly recommended by a neighbour.  I found the initial consultation with Dr Perry  very professional and knew straight away I had made the right choice.  All the staff were always helpful and friendly.  My overall experience was fantastic.  I would highly recommend Dr Perry and his team.  I was self-conscious before but now, I can’t stop smiling.

Caitlin, November 2016

I am delighted to have received my treatment at Pearls.  From the very beginning, all members of staff were very friendly and made sure the treatment was as easy and comfortable as possible.  My quality of treatment was top class, I couldn’t speak highly enough.  I am delighted with my end result.  I was nervous thinking about how they would turn out but I am thrilled.

Chloe, November 2016

My parents place me here as a result of my sister receiving excellent care. When I started all the procedures were clearly stated to me and the practitioner was friendly and welcoming in this. I feel I had received excellent care and I am very pleased with the end results. The staff members were all warm, welcoming and friendly. I would highly recommend Dr Perry & his team.

Eve, Age 16,  October 2016

I choose Dr Perry and his team because my friend recommended them and said they were very good. It was the best and I will also recommend it to my own family and friends in the future. The staff were very friendly and supportive, thanks so much to them all.

Khadar, October 2016

I choose Dr Perry and his were highly recommended by my dentist. I found the consultation great and the staff were unbelievably helpful, friendly and always giving me the best option. I was really pleased on how well my teeth looked after treatment and would recommend them to anyone looking for treatment for their teeth.

Anthony, Age 18, October 2016

I found the whole experience fantastic.  Really great team-from reception to dental surgeons.  As a nervous patient, I was really put at ease.

Mairead Healy October 2016

My experience of Pearls was positive from the beginning.  They were always very supportive and there was never any pressure from the initial consultation to engage in treatment.  During treatment, they were always very facilitating and easy to work with even accommodating my move abroad for work.  I am delighted with the end result and would have no hesitation in recommending Pearls to anyone.

Gráinne Fleming March 2016

From my first consultation until the final day of getting my braces removed, I don’t have a bad word to say about any of the staff.  Everyone is so helpful and friendly and do everything they can to help.  I am delighted with my final result and would recommend Pearls to anyone that, like me, had never thought they would have straight teeth!! I will now be happy to smile in photographs all thanks to Pearls J

Orla Ferris March 2016

I had my first consultation with Dr Ronan Perry.  I was very happy as he explained the whole process to me and I felt very comfortable.  Throughout the process the staff were very accommodating and friendly.  I am extremely happy with the end result.  My teeth are perfect.  I would definitely recommend the clinic to anybody looking to improve their teeth.  Thank you to Ronan and all the staff.

Kiera McNevin March 2016

Thank you so much for my amazing smile! My dream was to fix  my teeth and because Pearls Dental was just around the corner, I chose to go with them.  I wasn’t disappointed. From day one, atmosphere and welcome to their place was great.  All scheduled appointments were set under my availability with no issues at all.  They met my expectations and provides me with the service I would expect. Thank you to all the team in Pearls.

Barbara Pires, 2015


From the first consult with Dr Perry, I felt very much at ease. That has not changed throughout the process and all of the other staff has been fantastic to deal with. I have found every member of staff extremely professional and very client focused. I am delighted with the results of my treatment and would highly recommend them to anybody.

Gary Brady, August 2015

I thought that the staff were really friendly and helped put me at ease. I am happy with my teeth after receiving treatment and the quality of treatment was very good.

Aoife McDonnell, July 2015

I am really happy with the end result of my treatment, my teeth have been improved hugely. All of the staff is lovely and the appointments have always been great. I would recommend Dr Ronan Perry to all my family and friends as the job was well done.

Rebecca Rivera, June 2015

My Dentist recommended this orthodontist Ronan Perry. I found the initial consultation very good. Staff was friendly and professional, my overall experience of the staff is that they are excellent professional and friendly. Lingual braces are a great option and I would recommend them to anyone. I had practically no discomfort with them and it was wonderful to see the progress as it was happening.

Marian Henry, treated by Dr Ronan Perry November 2014

The Staff were kind and helpful during the two years I’ve gotten my braces.

Fantastic experience – very helpful staff, nice, comforting.

I was given advice on how to take care of my braces, and I’m very happy with my end result.

Annicka Majabgue, treated by Dr Ronan Perry November 2014

As soon as I had my first consultation it all happened really quickly! The staff was always friendly so I was never scared at all. If I had any problems they helped me straight away. I could not be happier with my end result. I was actually shocked when I saw my teeth again. It was well worth and I would definitely recommend them to my family and friends.

Chloe O’Neill, treated by Dr Ronan Perry November 2014

Very friendly, excellent, everyone was very nice and helpful and everything went smoothly.

Very happy with the end result and would definitely recommend Castleknock Orthodontics. 

Emily O’Connell, treated by Dr Ronan Perry November 2014

Initial consultation was informative and reassuring. Quality of treatment was always exceptional, staff always friendly and helpful and let you know how you are getting on in the treatment and what they are doing during your visit.

Overall experience was excellent. All instructions given were clear and easy to follow, all staff members were lovely, a very friendly reception and great patient care.

I felt really happy with my teeth and would definitely recommend this clinic to my friends and family.

Evangeline Morris, treated by Dr Ronan Perry November 2014

Ronan was very informative during the consultation and accepting of my decision to have treatment without surgery. I also loved the braces with the clear brackets, as they were far more aesthetic. I received the best quote for treatment in the clinic. Staff here was very understanding when I ran into some personal difficult circumstances during treatment and I really appreciated it as I was very anxious telling them. All of my appointments were handled well. Any concerns I ever had were always addressed. I could see results in six to eight weeks.

Lara Sweeney, treated by Dr Ronan Perry November 2014

Found practice on Internet, close to both work and home.

Treatment was brilliant – end result was more than I hoped for. Fantastic experience – very helpful staff, nice, comforting. I felt fantastic – it boosted my confidence. Yes I would recommend them to family and friends.

Mary Kilcommon, treated by Dr Ronan Perry November 2014

I went to another dental practice where the dentist wanted to remove 8 healthy teeth. I was petrified as I didn’t want to have any teeth taken out. At my first consultation with Dr Perry he put me at ease, explained what would happen and how we would proceed. I could not recommend Dr Perry highly enough, thank you for your patience and al your hard work. I will most definitely recommend Dr Perry to all my friends.

Lisa, treated by Dr Ronan Perry June 2014

I found the initial consultation very welcoming and informative. The quality of the treatment I received was absolutely brilliant. I am pleased with my result. The lovely staff at the practice are very nice people and everyone really cared about my treatment.

Lul, treated by Dr Ronan Perry April 2014

 Dr Perry was recommended by friends to me. I found him to be informative and my treatment excellent. He was always very polite and friendly. I’m very happy with my results and I would recommend Dr Perry to everyone.

Cathal, treated by Dr Ronan Perry April 2014

I would recommend Pearls to my family and friends. I was very happy with my treatment.

Terri Stafford, treated by Dr Ronan Perry March 2014

I chose Dr Perry because he was recommended to me by my friends. I found the consultation very good. The treatment was advanced and of a high standard. I found the overall experience to be very good. I was very impressed with the end results and I would recommend him to all my friends.

Sean, treated by Dr Ronan Perry March 2014

I would have been very nervous about showing my teeth to anyone pre braces. At my first visit Dr Perry assured me that there were plenty of people in the same position and that he would do his best to give me every reason to smile, and he has.  I’ve just had my braces removed after a 2 year course of treatment and I cannot be thankful enough. The most friendly team of professionals I’ve ever met. I will always be grateful.

Suzanne Mooney, treated by Dr Ronan Perry March 2014

Dr Perry is great, very polite and very helpful. My experience with my treatment was great. The braces can be sore after adjustment, but other than that my treatment was great. Now my smile is great and straight!

Sean, treated by Dr Ronan Perry April 2014

I’m very happy with this service and my out come. Staff are very professional and would definitely recommend practice to friends.

Karen, treated by Dr Ronan Perry July 2013

Ronan was recommended to me by own dentist. After just six months of adjusting the braces I found that I had made great progress. Ronan and Bobby (Practice Administrator) always took good care of me. The treatment was very straightforward and I am delighted with my teeth and my smile. I have already recommend Dr Perry to several people and will continue to do so.

Rob McEvoy Treated Dr Perry Dec 2013